Whether we’re into politics or not, we’re all bombarded left and right by electoral campaigns, political TV shows and talk shows but honestly speaking, none of it is as captivating and genuine as El 3alam’s live interview with MP Nadim Gemayel was. I watched Hisham Haddad’s new show on the elections and it was more of a WhatsApp group fiasco than a constructive talk and I didn’t like Dima Sadek’s “Lawein Wasleen”. MTV’s Daq El Jaras is not bad though.

In fact, I found it hard to believe that any candidate would agree to go live with Ghayd, given that he’s a bit of a loose cannon and this could easily backfire on the candidate, but the interview with Nadim was quite entertaining and fun and I believe he should engage with other candidates to help them reach their audiences in a genuine way, especially that he’s not endorsing any party or candidate. I gave Ghayd a call to see if he had planned such interviews and he told me it happened by accident, and I encouraged him to engage with further candidates especially the independent ones that are little known to the Lebanese voters. I think he should add some fun games or quizzes too but nothing too cliche of course (he knows better).

What I enjoyed most was that it wasn’t all serious talk and had a bit of Zach Galifianakis-like questions, but definitely not as outrageous as Zach. It was more of a “Get to know this guy” than what’s your political platform and what do you think of this politician and that, and it helped viewers judge this candidate based on the answers he gave.

Keep it up Ghayd!

Live NG El-3ama

Posted by Nadim Gemayel on Tuesday, April 10, 2018


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